Home is where the art is

neo maditla
1 min readJul 12, 2022
Home is Where the Art Is book by Zeitz Mocca

If you are in Cape Town, please go by the Zeitz Mocca at the V&A Waterfront to get a copy of Home Is Where The Art Is. I contributed an essay to this book in the form of a love letter to Cape Town. The exhibition (which followed the long lockdown in South Africa due to the Covid pandemic) was a non-juried, democratic celebration of art belonging to and made by the people of Cape Town.

More on the exhibition:

‘Encompassing nearly 2000 works by children, emerging and established artists, hobbyists, crafters, photographers, and masterworks from private collections, it comes at a pivotal moment as the country emerges from a hard-hitting lockdown. Zeitz MOCAA believes that there has not been a more pertinent moment for us to celebrate the lifeblood of our existence: people and art. For the past few months, many of us has been confined to our homes. Homes are the cornerstone of civil society and places where many of our memories are stored and made. The presence of art in our dwellings can play a central role in making an abode feel more permanent and secure.’